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    Connie J. Vetter

    LGBTQ+ Attorney. Seeing clients in person and virtually.

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    Attorney Connie J. Vetter is proud to offer legal services to North Carolina’s diverse community, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer/questioning, transgender and non-binary/gender noncorforming individuals and couples as well as straight individuals and couples.

    Her law practice is dedicated to personalized legal representation and exceptional client service. Attorney Vetter operates a client-focused practice where the law is explained in understandable language – no legalese here – and clients’ questions are answered so each client can be fully involved in their important legal matter and make informed decisions.

    Please visit the rest of the website for useful information or call/text Attorney Vetter for an appointment at 704-333-4000. You can also email her through the Contact page and get directions on the Directions page.

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    Legal advice will not be given by phone, email, or social media. Please reach out to schedule an appointment.

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    Connie J. Vetter, 1208 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205
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