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    Speak with the experts about how to navigate a "post" Roe v. Wade world. LGBT+ rights are on the table and LGBT attorneys will be on hand to discuss how to protect yourself and your family. Space is limited. Refreshments will be provided.

  • Connie J. Vetter

    LGBTQ+ Attorney. Seeing clients in person and virtually.

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    Attorney Connie J. Vetter is proud to offer legal services to North Carolina’s diverse community, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer/questioning, and transgender individuals and couples as well as straight individuals and couples.

    Her law practice is dedicated to personalized legal representation and exceptional client service. Attorney Vetter operates a client-focused practice where the law is explained in understandable language – no legalese here – and clients’ questions are answered so each client can be fully involved in his/her important legal matter and make informed decisions.

    Please visit the rest of the website for useful information or call/text Attorney Vetter for an appointment at 704-333-4000. You can also email her through the Contact page and get directions on the Directions page.

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    Legal advice will not be given by phone, email, or social media. Please reach out to schedule an appointment.

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